End-User License Agreement (EULA) of Protect
Last refreshed March 29, 2021
The present End-User License Agreement ("EULA") is a contract entering into legal force between you and Company. 
This EULA administers your obtaining and utilization of our Protect programming ("Software") straightforwardly from Company or by implication through a Company approved affiliate or merchant (a "Affiliate"). 
If it is convenient, read this EULA arrangement cautiously prior to finishing the establishment interaction and utilizing the Protect programming. It gives a permit to utilize the Protect programming and contains guarantee data and risk disclaimers. 
In the event that you register for a free preliminary of the Protect programming, this EULA understanding will likewise administer that preliminary. By clicking "acknowledge" or introducing and additionally utilizing the Protect programming, you are affirming your acknowledgment of the Software and consenting to get limited by the conditions of this EULA. 
In the event that you are going into this EULA concession to benefit of an organization or other legitimate body, you should address the fact that you have the power to bond it and its partners to these terms and conditions. On the off chance that you don't have such power or on the off chance that you disagree with the terms and states of this EULA understanding, don't introduce or utilize the Software, and you should not acknowledge this EULA arrangement. 
This EULA will apply just to the Software provided by Company herewith whether or not other programming is alluded to or depicted thus. The terms additionally apply to any Company refreshes, supplements, Internet-based administrations, and backing administrations for the Software, except if different terms go with those things on conveyance. Assuming this is the case, those terms apply. This EULA was made by EULA Template for Protect. 
Grant to License
Company thus gives you an individual, non-adaptable, non-select permit to utilize the Protect programming on your devices as per the provisions of this EULA arrangement. 
You are allowed to stack the Protect programming (for instance a PC or tablet) under your influence. You are liable for guaranteeing your gadget meets the base prerequisites of the Protect programming. 
You are not allowed to: 
Edit, adjust, alter, adjust, interpret or in any case change the entire or any piece of the Software nor grant the entire or any piece of the Software to be joined with or get fused in some other programming, nor decompile, dismantle or unpack the Software or endeavor to do any such things 
Reproduce, duplicate, circulate, exchange or in any case utilize the Software for any business reason 
Allow any outsider to utilize the Software in the interest of or to help any outsider 
Use the Software in any capacity which penetrates any material nearby, public or worldwide law 
Use the Software for any reason that Company considers is a penetrate of this EULA arrangement 
Protected innovation and Ownership 
Company will consistently hold responsibility for Software as initially downloaded by you and all resulting downloads of the Software by you. The Software (and the copyright, and other licensed innovation privileges of whatever nature in the Software, including any changes made thereto) are and will stay the property of Company. 
Company maintains whatever authority is needed to give licenses to utilize the Software to outsiders. 
Contract Termination
This EULA Contract is viable from the date you first utilize the Software and will proceed until it undergoes termination. You may end it whenever upon composed notification to Company. 
It will likewise end promptly in the event that you neglect to conform to any term of this EULA contract. Upon such end, the licenses allowed by this EULA understanding will quickly end and you consent to stop all entrance and utilization of the Software. The arrangements that by their tendency proceed and endure will endure any end of this EULA understanding. 
Administering Law 
This EULA arrangement, and any question emerging out of or regarding this EULA understanding, will be represented by and interpreted as per the laws of ua.